What to Know about Car Insurance

in Nebraska

Facts about Car Insurance in Nebraska

The state of Nebraska requires all vehicle owners to carry car insurance. Your policy must include liability coverage to pay for third-party property damage and bodily injuries if you are responsible for an accident. It must also include uninsured motorist insurance in case you are injured in an accident with an uninsured driver. Coverage for damage to your own vehicle or for injuries sustained by you and your passengers is optional.

More Nebraska car insurance facts

  • NE drivers collect about $755 million in insurance claims each year.
  • Annually there are about 35,000 accidents in Nebraska.
  • 64.3% of these accidents involve property damage only.
  • 35.1% result in injuries that require medical treatment.

Average Cost of Car Insurance in Nebraska

While Americans pay an average rate of $1,311 a year for their car insurance, in Nebraska, the average cost is just $1,112. Insurance rates are based on a number of factors such as your age, occupation, driving record, and details about your car, including its make and model. Your rate can even be influenced by your credit score. Independent agents can help you acquire and compare a selection of quotes so you can be sure you are getting your policy at a competitive rate.

Average Cost of Car Insurance Per Year

average cost of car insurance in nebraska chart

Why Choose an Independent Agent?

  • Local independent agents have your best interests at heart
  • These agents provide professional, personalized service
  • You can turn to your agent for help if you need to file a claim

Find an independent agent in Nebraska 

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What Does Your Car Insurance Policy Cover?

Failure to carry a car insurance policy that meets or exceeds Nebraska’s minimum coverage requirements can result in fines and the suspension of your driving privileges. A minimum-coverage policy will not cover damage to your vehicle. That is why many lenders will require you to also include collision and comprehensive coverage while you are still paying for your car. You can expect a typical Nebraska car insurance policy to provide the following:

  1. Property damage liability coverage (required): This covers the cost of property damage you may cause to others if you are responsible for an accident. Your policy must include a minimum of $25,000 worth of property damage coverage.
  2. Bodily injury liability coverage (required): This covers injuries you may cause to others if you are responsible for an accident. Your policy must include at least $25,000 per person, and $50,000 per accident worth of coverage.
  3. Uninsured motorist bodily injury coverage (required): This provides coverage for medical treatment for you and your passengers if you are injured in an accident that was the fault of an uninsured motorist. It will not cover damage to your car.
  4. Collision coverage (optional): This can cover the cost to repair or replace your vehicle if it is damaged as the result of a collision, regardless of who was at fault. It may be required by your lender if you are still paying for your vehicle.
  5. Comprehensive coverage (optional): This can cover the cost to repair or replace your vehicle if it is damaged by a non-collision event such as a tornado, flood, falling object, or property crime. This is often required by lenders.

If you currently owe more for your vehicle than it is worth, you may want to talk to your insurance agent about how gap insurance can provide an added layer of protection in the event that your vehicle is totaled. 

Top Insurance Companies that Support Independent Agents in Nebraska

There are currently 294 independent insurance agents in Nebraska who are ready to help. Independent agents are free to work with several different insurance companies, so they can provide you with a variety of customized car insurance quotes that you can review and compare. Let a local independent agent help you find the most affordable policy to meet your auto coverage needs.

Why go Independent

Why go Independent When looking for Car Insurance

  • One Call Multiple Quotes
  • Pay Less for More Coverage
  • Expertise in Your Community